Lighting and Composition with Francesca Pesce of Blue Zoo Animation

22 Jul 2019
18:00 to 21:00
22 Jul

Join us at SAE London as we welcome Francesca Pesce of Blue Zoo Animation to host a masterclass on efficient lighting and compositing for animation.

The masterclass will deliver an overview of efficient workflows for lighting and compositing for non-realistic environments. It will show how to make choices based on references for color palette and lighting. It will also explains how to choose layers and passes depending on what we are aiming to get as a final result. 

Speaker Bio:

Born in Italy, Francesca attended a master in CG at the Big Rock institute in Treviso. After finishing her studies in 2009 she briefly worked in Rome for a CG studio as generalist for documentaries aired on the national TV channel. She then moved to London to work as freelancer for various projects but mostly on medical animations.

As she has always been passionate about animation, in 2013 she started working at BlueZoo animation studio to work on TV series for children as compositor. She later moved to different roles: modelling and texture artist, cloth simulation artist, and finally lighter and compositor. In the past two years she has been supervising a team of lighter/compositors and 2dfx artists for the preschool TV show GoJetters (season 2 and 3).

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