Facebook Digital Skills Training - AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data

03 Jul 2019
13:00 to 15:30
03 Jul

Join us at SAE Liverpool for an afternoon of Facebook Digital Skills Training and enjoy an introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data.

The Digital Skills Training Programme by Facebook and Freeformers, in partnership with The Extraordinary Club & Agent Academy focuses on enabling you to develop the confidence and the skills you may need for your future employment and keeping up to date in the digital economy.

This programme forms part of a Europe-wide initiative led by technology giant ‘Facebook,’ to help people and businesses grow and equip everyone with the digital skills they need to compete in today’s workplace. 

Facebook's focus is to help tackle the digital skills gap nationally and regionally.

Join us for this fast paced, free and informative course, covering two key modules in just 2 1/2 hours.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) - we debunk the main misconceptions of AI, along with algorithm creation and how we use this to automate different tasks. We explain the connection between algorithms, AI & automation
Data – we explain how data isn’t just numbers and spreadsheets and how beneficial data is including the identifying key factors that you should consider when making decisions. We also define key data terminology.

At the end of the session, after completing an evaluation survey, you will receive a Facebook Digital Skills Certificate which is a great addition to any CV.

Alongside this you will have your own personalised Future Workforce Model created by Freeformers who create digital transformation programmes. The model, which they have created, highlights your own learning style as well as areas for development.

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