Our 1-year non-accredited diploma will introduce you to the world of audio production.

The timetable is created to cater for applicants who work around their studies.

This highly vocational 1-year course is ideal for those that wish to focus on gaining practical studio skills with flexible teaching hours to allow students to combine their studies with employment.

* Please note that international students (including EU) are unable to join an SAE Diploma due to current visa restrictions




(Liverpool, London)



January 2022

May 2022

September 2022

(All campuses)


2-4 sessions per week





18 and over

Who should attend

At SAE, we strongly believe in learning by doing, and this practical approach is the core of our diploma programme. Throughout the course you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of our fully equipped recording studios and book your own session time. This gives you the opportunity to practice what our tutors have preached and learn while working with experienced musicians.

As you progress through the course and hone your craft, you will then have the opportunity to specialise in either live sound engineering or electronic music production. Both modules offer an in-depth learning experience that will allow you become extremely versatile within the audio production field.

This course is fundamentally aimed at those who do not wish to pursue our two-year Audio Production degree. However, there may be the possibility of completing a bridging module to assess your eligibility onto Year 2 of the degree programme through the process of accreditation of experiential learning (APEL).

You will complete this 12 month course with an SAE Diploma.


You will learn on world-class audio consoles and have access to the latest DAW software. You will be required to bring your own writing material to record notes on their operation.

Future Careers

  • Music Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Studio Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Post-production
  • Front of House Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Monitor Engineer
  • Theatre Sound
  • Pro Audio Sales
  • Supervising Sound Editor


BA/BSc (Hons) Audio Production

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Industry Professional

"The U.K. and wider global media and music industries are in rude health presently. There are more TV programmes being produced than ever before, and now with both new and more established broadcasters competing for content, there has never been a better opportunity for a new generation of media specialists to break through. Things may seem uncertain due to COVID19, but I firmly believe that after things settle down, the timing couldn’t be better for graduates to enter any one of the various facets of our creative industry as their degree comes to an end."

Nick Baxter

Music Publishing Manager, BBC Studios

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Trimester 1

AUD4101 Principles of Sound and Audio Practice

Trimester 2

AUD4300 Signal Flow and Processing

AUD4400 Audio Production

Trimester 3

AUD5100 Multimedia Sound

Elective (Pending availability according to campus)

AUD5203 Electronic Music Production


AUD5204 Live Sound



You will be introduced to the concept of sound as a physical phenomenon and shown how to predict its behaviour by exploring maths and physics concepts, which will support your learning throughout the rest of the course. You will then focus on the fundamental principles of audio production, including the theory and practical application of EQs, dynamics processors and effects. This critical foundation will enable you to grasp the concepts of signal routing, microphones and loudspeakers, providing you with the basic skills to operate in a professional audio environment.


This module is designed to help you build the theoretical knowledge necessary to operate in a modern studio environment. You will develop the hands-on skills to operate professional audio equipment, enabling you to complete your first productions on both analogue and digital setups. Furthermore, you will advance your knowledge of music production techniques to a more sophisticated level.


This module takes your knowledge to the next level as we prepare you for studio work in the industry. You will develop professional practice in the planning and execution of a recording and mixing project, quickly becoming familiar with working in front of a recording console and using outboard gear and software plugins.


The aim of this module is to provide you with a wide range of professional tools and techniques utilised in the production of audio for multimedia applications. It focuses primarily on audio preparation for different media, including visuals and interactive environments. This module aims to enable you to explore your own interests and develop an individual design aesthetic within audio, whilst also providing an overview of possible career paths within the field.



We will introduce you to the contemporary tools and workflows needed to analyse, identify, produce and distribute computer-based electronic music and remixes. You will form a deep understanding of the production techniques and history of electronic music, study music theory and the design of electronic sounds, before going on to plan, set-up and operate your own home studio environment.



Here you will use a wide range of professional tools and techniques to successfully design, set up and operate medium sized live events, including audio, lights, special effects and visual operations. You will not only develop a deeper knowledge in your own field, but also explore the interaction with different audiovisual applications, equipment, and professionals.


Tutor Information

Craig Hamilton (Glasgow)

Craig Hamilton has a career that has spanned 15 years in the pro audio industry with CAVA and Waterfront as a studio engineer and has been a highly valued staff member with SAE Glasgow for eight years.

From a musical background as a guitar player and session musician, Craig is the perfect tutor to cover all practical and theoretical aspects of the Audio Diploma course. With his in depth knowledge of the in house equipment and his friendly approach, he will be an invaluable source of information and assistance to any enthusiastic student who wants to excel as a future audio engineer.

Haris Čustović (London)

Haris Čustović (MA Sound Arts University of Arts, London / PGCE, Greenwich University, London) is a musician, composer, music producer and university lecturer with 25 years of music industry experience. In 2000 he has founded Laus Music label, that released a variety of cross over genres. Haris works across music genres and encompasses underground and popular sound, both in electronic and acoustic domains. He has over 100 original releases, including remixes and compilations features, on both independent and major labels. So far, Haris performed at many prestige stages across the globe, including Europe, Americas and Asia, was a guest DJ on many major music stations such as Kiss FM and Ministry of Sound. He is an active composer, writing music for picture and multimedia, and production music for major international publishers (EMI, Audio Network, Universal, West One Music).