Design lessons from Hypercasual Games with Oscar Clark

31 Jan 2020
15:30 to 16:30
31 Jan

Join us at SAE London as we welcome Oscar Clark for his masterclass on Design lessons for Hypercasual Games.  Oscar will be be running this masterclass as the opening talk before we begin our 48 hour Global Game Jam.
The rise of hypercasual games has arguably been built off of lessons from Game Jams but the best practice which has come from Hypercasual has yet to be fed back into Game Jam planning. We will discuss the key lessons that Game Jam teams can use to be better positioned to take the theme and build an exciting enjoyable concept deliverable game. Oscar will also provide a template which can help teams rapidly develop actionable concepts for the jam itself.
Attendees do not need to attend the Game Jam but are welcome to join by clicking here.
Speaker Bio:

Oscar Clark is Chief of Curiosity at Fundamentally Games and has been a pioneer in games services since 1998. He helps developers (and investors) design, deliver and monetize games and literally wrote the book “Games As A Service” published by Routledge.