4.5 million people watch SAE on The One Show

25 Feb 2017

Last night, SAE’s very own Graeme Hales was invited by the BBC’s The One Show to demystify the role of sound engineers working in the post-production industry.

It follows recent criticism of hard-to-hear dialogue and “inaudible” mumbling in television drama series.

As trainers of the next generation of audio experts, SAE was delighted to take part in the interview which was broadcast nationally on Friday evening.

Audio lecturer Graeme Hales, who has worked on television series like The Inbetweeners, explained to the BBC that poor sound quality can be influenced by a number of factors.

Some include artistic direction, competing sound effects, technical issues and the variety of devices used to view programmes today.

The BBC also asked Graeme to demonstrate how Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), which is the process where an actor will re-record dialogue in the studio, can help clean up sound.

Watch the full interview with SAE London lecturer Graeme Hales.