Workshow 2016

01 Nov 2016
SAE Berlin: Workshow 2016


On October 27th, the Berlin-based SAE campus invited the media industry to present the students and their productions. We were very pleased that the representatives of the media field have followed our invitation and attended the event. After arriving, the event started with a work show, where 12 students and their teams presented their projects in pitches of 5 minutes each. At the "Get Together" after the pitches, the student work was examined more closely by the media industry representatives. More than 60 guests used this opportunity to provide valuable feedback to the students and of course there was also fingerfood and cold drinks which were offred. 

A nice event indeed which continued into the late evening.

We would like to thank all of the guests who toke part! And of course, another thank you for our students for their great presentations.

We are happy and looking forward to host the next Workshow in 2017!