Storytelling Seminar for Film & TV

22 Mar 2017
SAE Berlin: Storytelling Seminar für Film & TV

On the 17.03.17 a Storytelling Seminar took place at the SAE Berlin Campus.

The lecturer was Stephen Greitemeyer, an author and a journalist. Some of his work includes: Author for Network Movie / ZDF, concepting the Comedy series "Familienbande, Author for RTL Television, Sketch writer for Lumatik Film produktion.

The content of the seminar included:

- How is a script generated? The roles, the author and the planing
- The German market: Genres vs Genres in Germany, new Media as chance
- The International market, Horror as an underestimated opportunity, from short films to Feature film
- The crafts of the knowing your audience; know your target group, know your Genre
- Structure: Scence - the DNA of Film, the Hero role, Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet
- The A & O: Characters