Riccardo Ferranti Sound Scholarship - for aspiring electronic music artists

13 Apr 2017

Funding for young producers in Europe to attend the SAE Institute in Berlin
The initiative of an Italian couple to honour their late son’s passion for music

The Riccardo Ferranti Sound Scholarship will grant a substantial financial contribution to attend SAE Institute in Berlin for the Audio Engineering Diploma program. The selection is open to all applicants currently residing in Europe who meet the SAE admission requirements, and will show a high interest, passion and innate talent for this art form, as well as determination to work in the field of music as artists and industry professionals, with the chance to study and live in the city considered to be the global “hub” of the electronic music movement.

Riccardo Ferranti was a lively young man, close to his family, and brimming with many interests and passions, above all that of electronic music. His personal “motto” – Time passes, people change, love remains – was taken literally by his parents, who started on a series of volunteer and charity activities when he passed. The most ambitious among these was created to continue to cultivate the love he had for music, and to help the growth and development of electronic culture by funding a scholarship. Details on how to apply for the scholarship can be found on the Facebook page facebook.com/riccardosound or by contacting riccardosoundscholar@gmail.com 

The application deadline is the 26th of May 2017.