Music Business Insights - Interview with rock legend Jay Jay French

18 Nov 2021
18:00 to 19:30
SAE Institute Music Business
18 Nov

In-depth conversation with Jay Jay French - founder, guitarist, and manager of
the world-famous heavy metal band, Twisted Sister.

“What do you wanna [do] with your life? – I wanna rock!”
And that is exactly what Jay Jay French did with his life: He is not only the founder, manager and guitarist of legendary Twisted Sister, but has also managed and produced several other successful bands, writes for the business magazines Inc. and Goldmine, and works as a motivational keynote speaker.

Over the course of the last five decades, Jay Jay has played more than 9,000 live shows with Twisted Sister, received 37 gold and platinum records and sold more than 20 million records worldwide. As if this wasn’t enough, he was able to turn Twisted Sister into one of the most heavily licensed metal bands in history.

Jay Jay French is more than just a rock star. He knows how to achieve success in the music industry, and is considered a business leader who shares his advice, and delivers presentations to global Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits. 

Now it is time to share his experiences, advice, and knowledge with the world: In his “Bizmoir” (half memoir, half business book) Twisted Business: Lessons From My Life In Rock’n’Roll (co-authored by leadership expert Steve Farber), Jay Jay talks about his journey from a highschool drop-out and drug dealer to a famous rockstar and manager while also focusing on the Twisted Method of Reinvention, and explaining what it takes to become successful in the music business. 

Join our SAE Music Business student Lilli for an in-depth conversation with Jay Jay, and get real insights into the music business, find out more about Twisted Sister, and receive valuable advice that will help you coordinate your way within the music business.