Meet the Professionals: what is bvft

02 Jun 2016
SAE BERLIN: Meet the Professionals: Was ist der bvft

On the 26. of May the Berufsvereinigung Filmton had a visit at the SAE Berlin campus. 

The guests included the association's members, Christopher Oertel und Robin Pohl as the lecture was given by Jonathan Dammers.

The professional association Filmton e.V. (bvft) was established in 2003 and represents the interests of professional Film professionals in Germany. Their goal is to reinforce the importance of film sound as an important element of the film industry. The bvft is also committed to the appreciation of sound over television, politics and in public. It is an experts platform for technical, creative and legal issues.

Students and alumni had the opportunity to learn about the current situation of Film sound and working condition and the role of bvft during and after the event.