MEET THE PROFESSIONALS - Dialogue with Jonty Skrufff

25 Jan 2018
MEET THE PROFESSIONALS - Dialogue with Jonty Skrufff

Berlin-based Brit and Sisyphos resident DJ Jonty Skrufff has worked in the global music business since the early 90s, as a multi-media journalist (print/ radio/ TV, internet and blogs), international conference curator (ADE/ Rio Music Conference and Russia’s Sochi Winter Music Conference) and more recently as Pioneer DJ (below the radar) club/ DJ representative in-Berlin.

Vastly experienced and still deeply embedded in today’s global electronic music scene, Jonty will be sharing stories and suggestions of how to both enter the music business and equally importantly how to survive and hopefully thrive far into the future. Plus offering tips and tricks while attempting to answer any and all of your questions about carving out a contemporary music business / creative career.

Please note, the number of participants is limited!
Sounds interesting? Send us an email and get yourself one of the exclusive sits to meet Jonty Skrufff!

Location: SAE Institute Berlin / Lounge
Date: Thursday 1st of February 2018
Time:19:00 hours
Language: English


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