Masterclass with Johannes Kraemer

24 Sep 2021
16:00 to 17:30
24 Sep

Johannes Kraemer is one of the greatest experts in the field of technical conception and execution of biggest scale live events in the electronic music sector. 

His technical expertise is first choice for artists like Richi Hawtin, with whom he has been on a non-stop world tour for over a decade now. He has been acting as Consultant or Head of Sound for festivals like Movement Festival (aka Detroit Electronic music festival) or Timewarp and some famous clubs worldwide.

Johannes is going to talk about his career from how he decided to become a Sound Engineer at age 14 on a Santana concert. How he entered live engineering. About his mentors and icons, epic fails, business aspects, communication and the value of education. All flavoured with some "Best of Tour"- anecdotes.

Don't miss the chance to meet a very special technical expert with a passion for techno music in our virtual classroom.