Flash Bootcamp: Giving Legs to Your Projects

13 Jul 2018
 Flash Bootcamp: Giving Legs to Your Projects

An interactive workshop with Nadia Says, founder of creative platform Your Mom's Agency

In this flash bootcamp, you will hear about how some of YMA's concepts became reality!

You will learn about pro-active and innovative thinking, materialising projects out of thin air, and potentially turning them into sustainable enterprises. There will be individual, as well as group-exercises about networking and pitching. Students and applicants are invited to get collectively galvanised and leave inspired to initiate their own ventures!

A workshop for musicians/technicians/gaming designers/music biz... who want to lead their own projects or companies!

Nadia decided to start YMA with the support of a network of professionals and friends after working in clubs in Tokyo, London and Berlin, but never being able to truly give life to her visions of music-art-fashion-tech events. YMA is now five years old and a recognised platform for creative free-lancers and artists who share similar values to come together and make projects happen.