Directing Seminar with Elmar Fischer

21 Apr 2017
SAE BERLIN: Regie-Seminar Elmar Fischer

Last week a film directing seminar took place with Elmar Fischer on the SAE Berlin campus. Elmar Fischer is a German film director and a script writer. His political thriller "Under the Radar" won in 2016 the gold medal for "Best TV-Film" at the New York Festival World’s Best TV & Films. The main actress, Christiane Paul also was awarded with an International Emmy Award. Fischer himself had also directed several Tatort productions.

On the first day, the students were taught about important acting themes. Topics among others were casting, dealing with actors on the set, method acting (emotional identification) and special terms in the acting field.

On the 2nd and 3rd day the practical part took place. Together with professional actors (Urs Staempfli, Lisa Potthoff, Laura Kiehne, Navid Akhavan), the students staged various scenes from a screenplay of Fischer himself. The students learned how to deal with actors directly on the set and were able to benefit from their experience. Fischer was available throughout the seminar to answer all of the students questions and worked in close contact with them. 

We would like to thank Elmar Fischer and the actors for their commitment at SAE Institute of Berlin!