Workshop: Hip-Hop Beats Programming

19 Jan 2019
12:00 bis 14:30
19 Jan

Workshop: Hip-Hop Beats Programming

Round about 40 years ago a cultural movement started its journey and still is evolving until today. At present, Hip-Hop is one of the most spread artistically based lifestyles of the world. Besides its influence on fashion, dancing and graphic art, it combines different musical elements. Resulting in its own musical genre, punchy drums combined with rap vocals build the foundation of a Hip-Hop track.

But what other parts are crucial for the instrumental? How to programm a beat with the computer? And why are there so many different type of beats?

On this workshop, you have the chance to be part of a Hip-Hop Beat production! Gain a valueable understanding of different type of production techniques and improve you skills!

Language: English

Event Type: Free