Hannover - Crytek presents CRYENGINE - Workshop CRYENGINE V

26 Jan 2018 bis 27 Jan 2018
09:00 bis 17:00
26 Jan bis 27 Jan

Der weltweit bekannte Spieleentwickler CRYTEK kommt ans SAE Institute Hannover und bietet euch einen exklusiven Workshop zur CRYENGINE V!

Du lernst direkt von den Machern der CRYENGINE, wie du am effektivsten mit der game engine arbeitest. Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth (u.a. "Crysis 2", "The Climb") wird den Workshop leiten und dich durch die game engine führen.

Das Event findet ausschließlich in englischer Sprache statt und ist sowohl für Neulinge als auch für Fortgeschrittene im Bereich Spieleprogrammierung geeignet.

CRYTEK schreibt dazu:

"In this seminar, Crytek Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth will pull back the curtain to reveal his cutting edge techniques for producing unparalleled results using the pay-what-you-want, royalty-free CRYENGINE V game engine. He introduces various world building projects, explores the latest workflows, including how to integrate photogrammetry into scenes, and how to set up realistic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and lighting. He’ll also show how to optimize assets, scenes, and lighting to get the most out of CRYENGINE’s stunning visuals.

Attendees will learn how CRYENGINE V can elevate their own games to the highest level of performance and visual quality in the industry, as well as having a chance to ask questions directly from a CRYENGINE expert and talk directly to Crytek staff. The presentation concludes with an exciting look at what the future will be for CRYENGINE and an exclusive opportunity for students."