Meet The Professionals: Sound of Games

20 Jan 2016
Meet The Professionals: Sound of Games

Filipp Issa und Michael Stöckemann von Sound of Games wissen, wie man große Ideen umsetzt und kommerziell erfolgreich gestaltet. Sie wissen, was ein großes Projekt braucht und wie man es verkauft. Das international äußerst erfolgreiche Duo wird für uns das berühmte Nähkästchen öffnen, um uns am großen Erfahrungsschatz teilhaben zu lassen.

Ein Meet The Professionals das sich niemand entgehen lassen sollte!

Datum:    Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016
Uhrzeit:  19 Uhr
Ort:         SAE Institute Berlin
Sprache: Englisch

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Über Sound of Games:

With more than 50 Mio listeners every month, Sound of Games (SoG) is the global leader of Premium Game Music. Their demand: to make video games competitive in the very fast changing games market, and this demand is fulfilled with SoG’s well known, highly flexible business models and their top notch productions which include international top orchestras and top soloists.

The Berlin- and Hamburg-based duo Sound of Games gets requested by successful game developers from all over the world. Since their founding in 2010 they are always present in the Top 100 of Apple’s Appstore and Google Play Store.

Filipp and Michael are the founders of the world’s first game music publishing company with 500+ well-known game music titles, and 4 of their 26 label releases went into the music charts.

SoG is also famous for their successful Kickstarter Campaigns which they design and develop since 2012, making every campaign a success after long and intensive planning. Until today they have reached over 500.000 USD Kickstarter fundings with their partners. Michael and Filipp share their experience, expertise and success stories at international conferences and leading universities for creative business and studies. Their last successful KS campaign ended in January 2015 and was the highest funded piano album on KS ever (80k+ USD).