Khalil Chahine Engineer and Producer talks about "Sound Engineering Physics & Mixing Philosophy

04 Apr 2017
19:00 bis 21:00
SAE Berlin
04 Apr

Engineer and producer Khalil Chahine is going to tell us "Everything about Waveforms".

Khalil will demonstrate his working approach that has received Platinum and Gold awards in Germany, while talking about his philosophy of handling waveforms.

From the pure sound source to the influence of the recording and listening environment. Best practise level treatment, summing, mixing in DAW's and traps to be avoided.

Khalil is a Berlin-based engineer and producer who combines musical and scientific knowledge (in physics with a focus on psychoacoustics) in his unique approach to production. In over 15 years of experience in audio engineering, he has worked in live and studio recording, mixing, mastering and producing independent and mainstream music on analog and digital equipments.

He helped designing and implementing audio technical structure for studio spaces where he creates his best conditions for capturing and mixing music and has partnered on these kinds of rooms with TrueBusyness and Riverside Studios. At these and others, like Jazzanova Recording Studio, he also records, mixes and masters albums in Berlin. He maintains his connection with the Middle Eastern production domain by working remotely on projects with Notta Studio and Audio Addicts, where he has recorded and mixed many artists in Beirut. Among others, he has worked with international artists Rita Redshoes, The Trouble Notes, Fairouz, Max Herre, Rea Garvey, Ziad Rahbani and 5vor12.

"As engineers it's easy to get caught up in the latest technology and the newest tricks, but for me the most important thing is to find ways to use that technology to enhance musical ideas, and to never forget that we make music that people love to listen to. When we start dancing in the control room, that's when I know we've done something special”

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Place: SAE Institute Berlin (Auditorium)
Language: English