Storytelling with Color and Light with Iva Mikles

12 Jan 2018
17:30 bis 20:30
12 Jan

Iva Mikles ( worked as an Art Director and Concept Artist at LEGO System A/S, Denmark, for over 7 years with a focus on storytelling and visual branding. Iva is now working in the field of storytelling and character design. This practical workshop is a hands-on exploration of using color and light to create compelling concept art and environment design for entertainment art projects. Although no previous experience is necessary, the workshop can serve as a part-2 for those who attended Loish's workshop at SAE Institute Zürich—further exploring the process of what happens after initial character design work has been completed and communication with the team and Art Director evolves. 

The workshop will start with the introduction of Iva's career and insights into the education and training required to get a career as a video game or 3D artist. In the second part, Iva will give students an introductory-level understanding of the tools and methodology needed to begin painting digitally in Photoshop—covering the following step-by-step concepts:
• Color theory to create powerful color statements
• Color choices that create a variety of emotional beats as part of the storytelling
• Designing atmosphere for a sense of environment and mood
Format: Practical workshop
Requirements: Laptop with Photoshop & mouse