Enabling immersive exploration with Google Earth VR

17 Jan 2020
19:00 bis 20:30
17 Jan

Enabling immersive exploration with Google Earth VR
Speaker: Rupert Breheny
Speaker's title: Geocoding Program Manager at Google

Description: Most people know how to navigate an online map in flat projection. But when you have the whole world in 3D, things become exponentially tricky. Learn how Google Earth developed a User Interface that maximised immersion and minimised nausea for its VR interface.

Speaker's bio:
With an honours degree in Marine Biology from a prestigious British university and an expertise in sea urchin reproduction, Rupert was rendered largely unemployable at an early age. However, thanks to a mid-career turnabout he became Google's first British webmaster. His hobbies include virtual reality, responsive web design and buying more videogames than he'll ever have time to play.

Who is this talk for:
The content of this presentation and demo is accessible to everybody. No prior knowledge of the featured topics is necessary. However, user-experience (UX) designers, video game AR and VR developers, and user-interface (UI) and web developers will find Rupert's insights particularly useful.