Digital Sketch-Club: Practicing Environments Painting (Part 2 of 4)

19 Okt 2018
17:00 bis 20:00
19 Okt

Workshop: Practicing environments painting, learning to study the composition and layout (Part 2 of 4)

Join Iva in this workshop on how to master your environment design and create strong engaging compositions quickly and efficiently with thumbnails so you become successful in today’s demanding artistic industry.

We are going to discuss and look at different environments and compositions and talk about ways to invent believable/creative worlds from real (photos) world observation. This workshop will help you prepare for the game and entertainment industry and make you think how to bring something new and interesting to your compositions.

Key lessons include:

  • Learn to break your images in simple 3 values compositions
  • Drawing sketches with a brush in Adobe Photoshop
  • Painting value sketches in Photoshop
  • Color you thumbnail from values in Photoshop
  • Creating strong compositions
  • Use colors to support the mood in the picture
  • Explore different types of environments to create variety in our portfolio

This session is ideal for illustrators, designers, visual artists, and everyone who wants to take advantage of digital illustration tools. Learn how to maximize your toolkit today!

Important notes:

  • Participants have to bring their own Laptops with Photoshop installed and ready to go.
  • Graphics tablets will be provided to participants.
  • The course isn't targeted to complete beginners, Participants should already have a basic knowledge of digital painting including programs such as Photoshop.
  • The courses will be held in English.

About Iva:

Iva worked as an Art Director, Concept artist and Graphic Designer with the focus on Storytelling and Visual Branding in LEGO System A/S, Denmark for over 7 years and is now working in the field of Storytelling and Character design. She is the founder and host of Art Side of Life Interviews where she chats with inspiring artists and creates various art-related videos.

This is a teaser workshop for the upcoming Short-Course: Concept Art and Visual Storytelling.