SAE Brussels propose you as part of the program of Listen! Festival 2019, Workshops dedicated to modular synthesisers.
Saturday 20th April, learn the fundamental & advanced concept of a modular synthesizer with Alexander Vyverman, one of our Electronic Music SAE Teacher


The Program:

20/04 | From 10.30 to 12.00 | Modular synthesisers - Fundamentals

Introduction to modular synthesis: Concepts and tools | 1h30

In this workshop we will discover the secret world of subtractive synthesis, which is the motor behind most of the sounds we love to hear in Electronic Music. Many people have seen, heard and even worked with synthesisers. But few people know what the elements behind these machines of mystery actually mean and do. To demonstrate this, we will use a modular synthesiser to show you the concepts behind this kind of synthesis in great detail, to gain a greater understanding how these immersive sounds are created, and to be able to make them ourselves.

Saturday 20 April - 10h30-12h30
Limited seats | Workshop in English | Free
@Halles St Géry.


20/04 | From 12.30 to 14.00 | Modular synthesisers - Advanced

Advanced modular synthesis (fm, am, physical mideling) | 1h30

In this part we will dive deeper into exploring the boundaries of modular synthesis, blurring the lines between modulating signals and audio signals, clocks and gates to achieve a pallet not achievable using conventional techniques. We introduce you to advanced synthesis forms such as AM, FM, Physical Modelling and Wavetables to escape any limitation set by commonplace subtractive synthesis, and bend the rules of what is thought to be possible.

Saturday 20 April - 12h30-14h00
Limited seats | Workshop in English | Free
@Halles St Géry.



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ABOUT Alexander Vyverman.

Alex started his career as a teenager playing synths in the band "Undefined", frequenting national radio hit lists, music television and the many big festivals Belgium is known for.

There he discovered his passion for music production and engineering. After graduating SAE in 2006, he became a freelance Engineer and producer doing work for various projects, as well as his own. Because of his passion for audio, he started teaching workshops on production in "De Vooruit" and the "Ancienne Belgique", this led him to commence a career as a lecturer at SAE Institute Brussels. After successfully leading the Audio department at SAE for many years, he was asked to work at the infamous "Galaxy Studios" in Mol, Belgium, as Chief Technical Manager.

Nowadays you will find Alex teaching classes at SAE, and providing Mastering, Production and Audio Consulting to clients.



Listen! Sound District, is the daytime meeting point of Listen! Festival 2019, featuring radio shows, expo, workshops, talks, feedback sessions, a gear and synth fair, the Independent Label Market and more. The District will open its doors from Thursday 18 April to Sunday 21 April at “Les Halles Saint-Géry", a late 19th century building in the heart of Brussels currently dedicated to promote the city's culture and heritage.



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