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Reminder: Plan A (payments due at the latest on the start date of the programme)
Reminder: Plan B (payments due at the latest on the first day of each academic year)
Reminder: Plan C (payments due at the latest on the fifth of the first month each term; September, January, May)
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Reminder: Plan A (payments due at the latest on the start date of the programme)
Reminder: Plan B (payments due at the latest on the first day of each academic year)

The motivational letter should tell us more about yourself, your studies and what motivates you to study at SAE Brussels.

An administration fee will also be required to complete your application. A member of our team will contact you to discuss this and and remaining documentation required.

If you are in your last year of studies, please provide us with the latest transcript of records; if you do not possess a highschool degree, please provide us with the necessary industry related experience in the field in which you are applying to study.

Please provide a qualification that demonstrates competence in the language of the course, in case this is neither your mother tongue nor the language of your studies.

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Terms & Conditions SAE Institute Brussels
Article 1. - Purpose
This contract aims to define the obligations of the parties to the conditions specified in the contract document, of which this agreement forms part, and relationships termination arrangements.
Article 2. - Nature of benefits
The courses offered by the SAE Institute Brussels are delivered in a blended learning approach.
Learning activities comprise directed and self-directed learning, both online and faceto- face and consist of one or more of the following educational means, used alone or in corroboration with one another: lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical classes, studio and lab activities, assessments. Activity types are heterogeneously distributed through the programme and vary depending on modules, classes and type of programmes.
Bachelor students will be taught in modules of 4 months. Every module represents 15 ECTS points (except the Major Project 630x which counts for 30 ECTS), and implies 300 hours of learning activities over a period of 16 weeks. Bachelor Full-Time students will be enrolled in 2 modules each teaching term, during which students should be available for ‘timetabled activities’ between Monday 09:00 and Friday 18:00, while evening and weekend activities could also be occasionally scheduled.
Article 3. - Admission
3.1 - Admissibility
The student must be of age or provided with parental consent if minimum 17y old. He must have completed the application file and have paid an application fee. The application/registration fee is non-refundable.
The student certifies being in order with the current legislation regarding the studies authorization, being resident of the country of delivery of the program.
The student certifies to have sent to the administration of the Campus within the required timeframe, all the necessary documents due to the completion of their enrollment.
The candidate certifies the veracity of the documents sent to the administration as part of their registration.
3.2 - Validation of registration
The validity of the registration is subject to the following conditions:
  • admissible and complete registration file;
  • minimum number of registrations reached;
  • availability of seats in the chosen course.
Conditions for a complete registration file will be provided by the study advisory/ recruitment and/or administration offices. The minimum requirements for an enrolment in Bachelor degree are:
  • Duly filled in and signed application form
  • Copy of ID/ passport
  • Copy of highschool degree
Article 4. - Brussels SAE Obligations
4.1 - Organisation
SAE Brussels agrees to organize classes aimed at mastering the chosen course. During the period of training, SAE Brussels undertakes to make available to students the teaching environment corresponding to the training and the learning objectives and outcomes envisaged thereby.
Premises and equipment are regularly maintained by SAE Brussels. Students bear the potential disadvantages of building maintenance; repairs and works of any kind can be made without power of claim of any compensation or reduction of training costs.
SAE Institute reserves its right to postpone a lecture due to an absence of a teacher or any other independent circumstances. SAE will postpone the course as it deems necessary and appropriate for the development of the respective progamme.
4.2 - Knowledge test
SAE Brussels agrees to organize theoretical and practical tests required for the proposed training, according to the conditions stipulated in the contract document.
4.3 Duration
The bachelor programmes have a foreseen, but not limited to, duration of 24 months for the full-time version and 36 months for the part-time version. SAE Institute reserves its right to prolong the duration of the course if deemed necessary by the circumstances.
4.4 Certification
The courses lead to a «Certificate SAE» or «SAE Diploma» according to the chosen course. Degree levels «Bachelor of Arts / Science (Honours)» are sanctioned by a degree validated by Hertfordshire University (UK).
SAE Institute reserves its right to change the validating partner/validated programme.
Article 5. - Student Obligations
5.1 - Attendance
The student is required to attend classes, to justify his absences within 48 hours and respect, during his training, the schedule and the instructions given to him by the management staff of SAE Brussels. SAE Brussels buys and maintains the equipment needed for the various trainings, which is made available to the students who must register to reserve access.
5.2 - Responsibility
The student agrees to respect the rules and regulations of SAE Brussels. One copy of the Campus Guide will be presented and made available at the beginning of training. The student will be held responsible - for himself and any accompanying person - for any damage that he could cause to the premises, especially in the studios, on workstations or with regards to any other available SAE gear. The student is obliged to report promptly any malfunction which s/he has knowledge of.
The student agrees to reimburse any damaged equipment if it is established that the damage was caused in obvious negligence conditions
Article 6. - Tuition fees
All SAE Brussels rates are in Euros. The student can choose among 4 methods of payment:
  • Up-front payment before the start of the chosen course (Plan A)
  • Yearly installments due at the beginning of each year (Plan B)
  • Payment per term due at the latest on the fifth of the first month of each term (Plan C)
  • Monthly payment due at the latest on the fifth of each month (Plan D)
If payment of a single installment to completion, the student will receive a first reminder email. A second reminder is sent 10 days after if there is still no regularization. Failing regularization within 10 days, and after recall under recommended form with receipt (€ 20 administrative fee will be charged to him) remained unanswered, all sums still due will be immediately due and a record will be filed with our law firm.
Training rates are subject to change without notice.
Article 7. - Termination of contract
7.1 - At the student’s request
The student is entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally by sending a registered letter addressed to the Director of the SAE.
7.1.1 Bachelor
A student enrolled in a bachelor programme can only request the termination of the contract by academic quarter. The request of termination must be made at the latest 12 weeks after the beginning of the current quarter. The termination will be applied at the end of the following academic quarter in all other circumstances.
7.1.2 Certificate
The termination of training is possible from one month to another under the following conditions: a cancellation fee of 10% of the total amount of the training will be required for students wishing to stop their certificate training. If the Termination request is made before the 15th of the current month, a notice period will be applied until the end of the current month. If the request is made after the 15th of the current month, the notice period will begin on the 1st of the following month until the end of the month. In all cases, bachelor or certificate, the training costs of the months carried remain due.
7.1.3 Should the student wish to withdraw from the programme before “census day“, i.e. within the first two weeks after the start of the course, without having been involved in any of the following activities, listed hereinafter non-exhaustively as examples: attend at least one class/ workshop/ seminar etc. on or offcampus, connect to the virtual environment made available, make use of any SAE related material and/or professional relation, the student is exempted from any contract termination costs.
7.2 - At the request of SAE Brussels
In case of breach of contract by the student, including: failure to make a payment, absenteeism or noncompliance of the rules, this contract will be fully terminated based on the wrongs and grievances of students who remain liable for the full course fees, which the student declares to accept.
The termination will take effect 15 days later of the date of the dispatch by SAE of a registered letter remained unsuccessful.Termination of the contract will be with immediate effect in case of serious breaches that cannot be remedied.
Article 8. - End of Contract
The contract ends after the final examination cycle. The various training courses are independent of each other. When a student completes a training and requests to participate in another, SAE Institute is free to accept or reject the request.
Article 9. - Cancellation of training
SAE Institute reserves the right to cancel the planned training if the minimum number of enrollements stipulated in the contractual document is not reached.
Article 10 - Amendment to the agreement
Any changes to the contract at the request of the student, in the following cases, will be charged € 200:
  • request for change payment plan
  • change of course or training
In the case of a change of course, the rate in force of the new training will be applied and a new payment plan will be established.
Article 11 - CCTV and image rights
11.1 - CCTV
As part of the activity of the school, and in view of the sensitivity of the equipment made available to students, a CCTV system is active within the SAE Institute. The implementation of this mechanism is explained by the need to prevent any risk of aggression of staff or students, by individuals who have entered our buildings and by any risk of misappropriation of goods.
11.2 - Image rights
The student agrees freely to be photographed or filmed by SAE Institute. Accordingly, the student authorizes the free use of photographs and/or films incorporating his/her image in all types of publications and all forms of television programs or communications on the internet, to include and archive these photographs and/or films in SAE Institute’s databases, to illustrate or promote present, past or future activities or projects. The student can access the data concerning him/her, to be informed of the existence and scope of data processing, to correct inaccurate personal data as appropriate and to oppose further processing. For the exercise of these rights, an application must be submitted to the SAE Institute, Rue Gachard 10 - 1050 Brussels.
Article 12 - Copyrights
SAE Institute reserves the right to use without claiming or offering any financial compensation, for any of the following activities, but not limited to: showcase within the teaching and evaluation spectrum, marketing and promotional purposes, publishing etc., as long as the works remain relevant for the scope of SAE Instittue’s activity and according to industry standards all the work carried out by the student, as part of his training. The student may not in any case claim any compensation for the use of this work.
Article 13 - Applicable law - Jurisdiction
Any dispute relating to this contract will be subject to Belgian law. Only the Brussels courts have territorial jurisdiction.
I confirm that the information I have provided in this form is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and correct and I understand that providing false or incomplete information may result in the cancellation of my application.