Masterclass Universal Audio

20 sep 2018 to 21 sep 2018
17:45 to 20:00
20 sep to 21 sep


Thursday 20th September

From 5.45 pm to 8 pm 


Friday 13th September
From 10 am to 12 pm 

Excluvise to SAE Brusells

Limited seats/Workshop in English & French/Free



Universal Audio Masterclass by Wesley Bendall:

Wesley is going to talk through everything Universal Audio does and did in the past. How they design new digital recording tools with the sound and spirit of vintage analog technology while their classic analog gear is still hand-built in California, one unit at a time.

Subjects covered during this Masterclass:

-History and presentation of the company since 1958.

-History and introduction of Universal Audio analog classic gear (LA2A, 1176, 610 preamp…)

-UAD presentation (from UAD-1 to Apollo)

-Listening session with PT files

-AB comparison


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About Universal Audio:

Founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio has been synonymous with innovative recording products since its inception. Putnam was the inventor of the modern recording console, the multi-band audio equalizer, and the vocal booth, and he was the first engineer to use artificial reverberation in commercial recording.

Universal Audio built equipment that remains widely used decades after their introduction, including the ubiquitous LA-2A and 1176 compressors, and the 610 tube recording console. The 610 console in particular stands as one of the most beloved designs in audio history, used to record everyone from Sinatra to the Beach Boys to Van Halen’s eponymous debut.



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