Workshop Mixage

29 Mar 2019
17:30 to 21:00
Workshop Mixage
29 Mar

Mixing Analysis


From 5.30 to 7 pm
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From 7.30 to 9 pm
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Exclusively at SAE Brussels
Limited seats | Workshop in French | 5 euros


Once the multitrack recordings are finished and validated by the artist and/or the producer, the mixing consists of formatting the different tracks and combining them. This work is similar to a conductor in classical music.

From a piece of written music, the conductor will work with the musicians, correct the volumes and timbres of the different instruments to form a coherent whole.

During this workshop, which will take place in our SSL studio, we will start with raw material, to arrive in several stages to the finished product, like a "time lapse".

Two sessions at different times are offered. Both sessions are identical.



Luc Tytgat:

Sound engineer since 1984, Luc work as a freelance. Considered as a producer-engineer, Luc takes in charge the artistical and/or the executive production of a project.

Professionally, he has two "hats":

One "pop", working with artists such as: Léopold nord et vous (Alec Mansion), Etienne Daho, Sandra Kim, Salvatore Adamo, Fréderique françois, Gerard Lenorman.

The other more rock, indie: Two albums for Jacques Higelin, Alain Bashung, Kat Onoma, Rodolphe Burger, Les barbarins fourchus in France. Neon judgment, siglo xx, brown tuxedo (steven brown) in Belgium.

Complete Discography


Audio Production Bachelor:

Whether you want to work in music production, post production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, game sound or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, the Audio Production degree gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed for a successful career.

By completing the Bachelor in Audio Production, you will be able to:
  • Operate industry standard audio equipment, following a logical production workflow
  • Plan and execute complex audio production projects according to a brief
  • Create audio material electronically, through the use of sound synthesis and processing tools
  • Use programming technology to create computer-based audio processing applications
  • Produce and present business plans for small start-up companies



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