05 Mar 2018



Create stories for the online audience:

Have you ever heard of web documentaries? Web series? Audience participation? Interactive projects? How they differ from the classic linear productions?
It was in February 2018 and exclusively at SAE Brussels that Sébastien Wielemans, during a workshop and through his career, presented to us how web-documentaries and web-series have become a growing sector in the audiovisual world.

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About Sebastien Wielemans:

As an independent Belgian filmmaker, Sebastien has been directing and producing movies since 2003, mainly in Europe, North America and Africa.

Indeed, concerned by social and environmental issues, he directed several short documentaries for the Canadian web contest “Müvmedia 2008” for which he won the Big Prize. He also directed two documentary features (« Tchissete, the mirror of the Tuareg » and « A cycle of fences ») that have been acclaimed in several festivals.

In 2009, he co-created with Brieuc de Goussencourt « Grizzly Films », a production company based in Brussels that focuses on fiction and documentary projects.

Intrigued by the impact of new online technologies, Sebastien launched in 2014 “Connected Walls”, a web documentary experience about border walls for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This project won several prizes in different web festivals.

Today, Sebastien is mainly focusing his professional activity on fiction projects.

About Connected Walls:

Social media helped us redefine the idea of community by opening virtual spaces made up of knowledge sharing, exchanges, debates, meetings, and mobilization. In other words, we think webusers can actually use social media and interactive tools to maintain a dialogue, and overcome prejudices and fears increased by the walls surrounding them. In the frame of the «Connected Walls» project, the webuser, usually passive in front of linear information, becomes an active citizen, invited to give his point of view on the consequences of those separations, with a real impact on the reality.

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