Workshop Immersive Sound

06 Apr 2018
Workshop Immersive sound

Immersive Sound


Enter in the intriguing binaural's world:

Exclusively at SAE Brussels, Antoine Bertin presented his latest artistic work, invited the participant into the world of binaural audio technology, and shared ideas about the future of sound and listening experiences. A workshop for the ears. 
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About Antoine Bertin :

Antoine Bertin listens his way around science and sensoriality, environment and audio storytelling, data and music composition.
As an artist and director of creative studio Sound Anything, he creates experiences combining elements of immersive sound, interactive storytelling, and tangible
material. His work has been shown at Tate Britain, Palais de Tokyo, and Sonar+D. He collaborates with Marshmallow Laser Feast, The Guardian VR, NTS radio.


About one project: Detachable Ears

A digest of the interviews and ear detachments that Antoine conducted at Tate Britain as part of his Radiocity week-end residency.
Radio technology has overcome the fact ears can’t be detached from the body they are attached to. But if they could, where would you send yours?
Visitors of the Tate have participated in the pop-up ear factory at RadioCity for a chat about detachable ears while making a replica of one of one of their ears that remained in the Learning Gallery throughout the entire project.

Ear casting and sound recording studio. 70 human ears and interviews.
Detachable Ears was made possible with the help of Masami Lavault, Joel Whybrew, Isobel Dunhill and Hélène Combal-Weiss. 
SOUNDCLOUD: Antoine Bertin – Detachable Ears - TateRadiocity






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