6 tips to be successful in the audio industry

15 Jun 2021
Audio student tips


Picture this: you’ve just chosen SAE Brussels as the place where you want to start your professional education for audio production. You’re so excited, but then you wonder, what exactly do I need to be successful in the audio industry

Below we have gathered tips from across our audio department to make you as ready as possible to tackle this fascinating but challenging industry.



Here are six tips to be successful in the audio industry:

1. Acquiring technical, musical, and creative knowledge is crucial for your professional development. You will have more chances of making your future employer happy and leaving them wanting more.

2. Never doubt yourself. We want you to try things out and not be afraid of making mistakes. Our Supervisors, lecturers, and tutors help you create audio productions that make you proud.

3. Be proactive in finding your career path -- opportunities don’t just come to you like that. Maybe your classmate will be your next collaboration. Keep your eyes peeled for any possibilities!

4. Following classes is good, but engaging in outside opportunities is even better! We encourage you to network, to create connections in the industry, and to participate in extracurricular projects. It will improve your chances of employment after graduation.

5. Be curious about all kinds of professions. Maybe you will end up working in a completely different job than what you had in mind when joining SAE Brussels. 

6. Think outside the music box. A lot of creative media projects include audio nowadays, which means more opportunities for you! Podcast jingles, YouTube intros, virtual reality gaming, and even Amazon Alexa use audio technology in one way or another. Opportunities are endless.


Are you now able to imagine your future in the audio industry a little bit better? Good!



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