Meet our team of professionals. We will be more than happy to welcome you to our campus!

Accomplished and enthusiastic marketing and communication strategist for 17 years on major companies and advertising agencies, globe trotter on my lost hours, I decided to move from France to Belgium in order to manage SAE Institute Brussels campus.

Why leaving the sun of the south for the cold of the north?

Because I'm eager of creativity, knowledge and discovering a new approach and culture.


My Leït moiv is "Work hard, and have fun" and be sure that if you have fun, then working hard won't be an issue!

As a Campus Manager, my vision is to make this campus, as well as the level of our students, a reference point in the world of creative media education.

After studying biochemistry, I made a radical change and chose to invest my time in learning new languages. This decision allowed me to become a flight attendant for Sabena, our national airline company, for 7 years.

After that, I decided to settle down and take care of our family business before making my first steps in the education sector.

Within the SAE campus in Brussels, I am responsible for the administrative and financial issues of our students. From their enrollment onward, I accompany students throughout their studies, trying to help them the best way I can so that they can focus solely to their passion.

I like to feel useful and that I give solutions to our students' issues. My "motto": each drop of water counts.

There are no small actions. Together we go further.

My background is in law and international relations and European studies. Further to my education I worked in different domains from public sector like the European Court of Justice to the private area of IT (HP); I provided business consultancy to many clients on international private law, financing and refinancing and labour law in a legal consultancy firm and loved my time when I could exercise my HR skills recruiting teams for myself and other management in all the different fields I worked in.

For a while I also lived the dream of being an entrepreneur, having built my own start-up in big data exploitation.

How a Romanian enthusiastic traveler of the world ended up in Belgium?

Seven years ago, I decided to make a career move (country, domain and function) and chose Belgium to do an MBA which completely turned my life around. Since then, I have been working in higher education doing recruitment for business schools and currently for the largest creative media educator, SAE Institute, where I exercise the function of recruitment and career orientation. Passionate about foreign languages, psychology, arts and innovation, I am the right person to help you out with finding the right study and career path if you wish to enter the creative media field: audio, film, animation, games - you name it! I can show you around the school and discuss equipment, the functioning of the school and teaching methods and I will answer all the questions you might have before coming to study with us. I liaise with the Academic and Administration departments related to your application files (I conduct a first unofficial interview with you as well) and I work closely with the Marketing department concerning communication and branding. If you represent or have a company yourself we can always discuss potential partnerships we could set up together as well. I try to support you in your own language if I can (I speak seven of them ;) )

I've got the sun in my heart and try to preserve it by practicing yoga, dancing and swimming!

I obtained two Bachelors, one in Musicology in France and another one in Sound Engineering at the IAD.

I started my career as a freelancer, producing and recording classical music and digitalizing analog archives for radio and television.

In 2015, I created, together with a friend of mine, our own record label (ZeD Classics). I have broad array of experience in the music industry, both as a teacher in various schools (including SAE) and as a producer and recording expert.

As Head of the Audio Department at SAE Institute Brussels, my main objective is to assist students to get the best-tailored approach of what SAE can offer in regard to learning methods, using professional equipment, offering one-on-one coaching whilst building industry connections.

It is already today, I see this phrase every day.

Active. Head of the Film section at SAE Institute Brussels. Bold. Professor of script writing and film direction courses at SAE Brussels and at Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles; lecturer in editing and cinema 16mm. Passionate. Professor and educational director at Parallax Studio, a school for actors. Fervent, DEC in Performing Arts at ULB in Brussels. Conscientious. Master in writing and film analysis at ULB. Musician. Second Prize at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège in solfege and harmony, the piano and the violin. The less classical music in Adrian Bouldt and Moladji.

That was yesterday.

Since 2003, Restless spirit, script writer for television and script doctor.
Since 2011, Creative producer of documentaries, at Paradoxe Productions.
Since 2002, Combative in festivals, FIFI, BIFFF.
Since 2003, Loyal, director of Xtreme sports tv shows for Freecaster, Canal + and MCM.
Since 2005, Pioneer, director of music and discovery tv shows for rtbf, more than a hundred issues. At the same time, Assistant Director and Production Manager.
Since 2006, Entrepreneur, foundation of KOKO arrose la culture.
Since 2014, Irascible, director of opera tv captations for Arte, France TV and RTBF, among others.
In 2016, Rational, realizing five short films one after the other. Zoom-jeune price at FWB in 2005, Medea Award in 2014.
Since 2017, Persistent, television, documentaries and TV series producer.

It is already today...

In a former life, I was a biochemist evolving in the Pharma world as an executive member of the quality assurance department.

However, my real passion has always been music production. Therefore, one day, I took the firm decision to change my professional life!

This is the reason why I turned to SAE Institute and followed the Electronic Music Production course and then went on with the Audio Engineer Diploma.

Learning was really pure fun...



Encouraged by this success, I focused my job search in audio-educative oriented jobs, before eventually becoming a member of SAE Institute Brussels, where the main functions I assume are: Campus Coordinator (course planning, collaboration with lecturers, communication to students), Student counselor (one-to-one coaching sessions, provide counceling to students who encounter difficulties in their curriculum, evaluation of students at risk) and also, guitar workshop lecturer for Audio Bachelor students.

In the meantime, I implemented my own music facilities, the Canal 6 Studios, where I'm happy to accommodate and collaborate with local artists on their music productions. I offer them various services such as composing, arranging, recording and mixing.
Last but definitely not least, I’m still active in a rock duet, where I assume the guitar playing and the production (composing our own titles, demos producing, live managing). 



Sound engineer since 1984, I work as a freelance. Considered as a producer-engineer, I take in charge the artistical and/or the executive production of a project.

I am currently teaching various courses at SAE Institute Brussels, mainly for the Audio Production Bachelor.

Professionally, I have two "hats":

One "pop", working with artists such as: Léopold nord et vous (Alec Mansion), Etienne Daho, Sandra Kim, Salvatore Adamo, Fréderique françois, Gerard Lenorman.

The other more rock, indie: Two albums for Jacques Higelin, Alain Bashung, Kat Onoma, Rodolphe Burger, Les barbarins fourchus in France. Neon judgment, siglo xx, brown tuxedo (steven brown) in Belgium.

Complete Discography

I am a belgian DJ, producer and sound engineer. I have a master degree in electroacoustic music composition at Conservatoire Royal de Mons with a pedagogical aggregation and a sound engineer diploma from SAE Brussels. I started to learn violin at the age of three and discovered my love for knobs and mixers when I was twelve.

As part of the Sparkling Bits duo I played live at Dour festival, Ancienne Belgique, MIMA museum KIKK Festiva, Wave Festival, and quite a few venues in Belgium. As Pattrn or Hybr!dz you could have seen me pushing records in places as Fuse Club, Fondation Sonore, Epicerie Moderne, Museum Night Fever, Bruxelles les Bains, …

I have been teaching music production at Conservatoire Royal de Mons for five years. I am currently teaching various courses at SAE Institute Brussels, mainly for the Electronic Music Production Certificate.

I co-founded FTRSND electronic music collective as well as the Brussels Electronic Marathon.

After my CESS, I started studying communications and technologies at ULB (while spending my spare time playing in bands and taking some extra classes about audio engineering).

After university, I graduated as an audio engineer at SAE Institute Brussels.

I started working as freelance engineer in 2011. I worked as assistant at the Dada studios where I got the chance to collaborate with artists like Toots Thielemans, Zap Mama, Opmoc, but also on music for film (Thunder and the house of Magic, Loulou, L’incroyable Secret, Ma marque des anges - Misere), as well as various other nice projects.



I'm currently working in various audio fields: BeTV, Euro Summits, PA engineer for Edward James and Jazz tribute group, recording on location for music (Woodpigeon, Sébastien Romignon Ercolini, ...) or film, post-production for documentary (Une douce de révolte, La croix et la manière) and other. 
I'm always trying new projects and experiences to in order to discover new techniques and people.

I’m working at SAE since 2012 and have the position of audio supervisor and lecturer for various courses (audio recording, field recording, session management, connectors...).


During my preparatory year for conservatory, as a musician, I immediately got interested in sound and its technical aspect.

I caught myself playing with my FX more and more, instead of working on projects and assignments for the conservatory!

Immediately after my preparatory year, I started studying at SAE Institute Brussels.

While studying and learning more about sound, my passion for music kept increasing... 


I have been working at SAE Institute Brussels, for over two years now. Meanwhile, I co-run a recording studio in Ghent

As a recording and mixing engineer, I love trying out new stuff, gear, techniques, approaches… and learn from them.

As an Audio supervisor, I love sharing this knowledge with students in a "practical way" and I really hope to make them become as passionate as I am!


My name is Thomas Walravens.

As far as I remember, I always had my heart set on music and sound. I started to play guitar when I was a teenager. Then I started to study audio engineering and audio production at the SAE Institute of Brussels. Later, I spent a year in London in order to obtain a master in “Applied Sound for Interactive Media” at the University of Westminster. 

Today, I am working as a live sound engineer, a studio engineer and a sound designer. I follow music bands on their tour, I record, mix and premaster music for clients in my modest home studio. I also work as a freelance for audio visual services such as TV and radio advertising spots. I also work in the educational field as an Audio Supervisor and teacher at the SAE Institute of Brussels.

Apart from that, my favorite activity has always been music composition. I have been composing and producing music as much as I could for 15 years now. I am very open-minded about music styles. If you take a look at my computer, you will find hundreds of pop, rock, reggae, jazz, hip hop, electronic, orchestral and classical projects. 

I hope this short biography helped you in knowing me a little bit better. See you around!

I graduated in Film and Animation Production at SAE Institute Brussels in 2012. Thanks to one of my teachers, I worked as a cameraman in a variety of TV productions (Beau Vélo de Ravel, Opéra ARTE Live Web), short films and ads as soon as I left the school.

My latest work consists of directing web ads with Social Lab (Ogilvy) for brands such as IKEA, Adidas and Phillips.

At SAE Institute, I work as a Film supervisor, helping and counseling students in the film section. In my opinion, the supervisor is there for the students who can talk with him and exchange opinions regarding the various techniques of filmmaking.

I also like to engage in conversations about the latest film equipment and special effects techniques in the cinema industry.

As I had the chance to live abroad (Russia, Hungary and Switzerland) for all my childhood, I'm able to adapt to different environments and skillfully interact with students having different backgrounds and profiles.

A woman passionate about vidéo games and who actually program them, how rare is it?

Nice to meet you, I am Charlotte!

Raised in the world of cinema by my parents since I am a child, I perfected my skills by entering INSAS in vidéo editing and script making. Passionate about those subjects, I am working on multiple projects, supporting independent productions that looks promising in the future. As film supervisor at SAE, I hope to bring as much as I can my support and my skills to help students to optimize their projects. I am used to meet different types of environment since I have been traveling a lot in my childhood

About vidéo games, I am more than passionate, I have graduated in 2017 in Game Dev, I « speak » C, javascript and I practice PHP on a regular basis (front and back end)


Student at the IAD then Inraci, the school did not smile to me, but the desire and passion of cinema were a powerful motivation to access this field.

With the help of small jobs on many pubs, clip, short films, and feature films such as "La French", "Un petit boulot", "Je suis resté dans les bois", I trained as an electro, a job that I have practiced for more than 5 years.

I also participated for several years at Kino Kabaret International in Brussels: a great event that brings together many people qualified or not around the realization of several short films in 48h, and where the keyword is resourcefulness. Adventurous but eager to work in the cinema, I have been working for 3 years as a stage manager

This allowed me to work on films like La mécanique de l’ombre, The Happy Prince, Intrigo, Mandy, Lukas, le 15h17 pour Paris.
I work as a Film Supervisor at SAE Brussels.