25 Jun 2021
Virna Eliseo


There comes a time in every film student’s life when they have to create a project from start to finish. The journey goes from ideas to fundraising, to filming, and to finally presenting something concrete. It is a fascinating journey, on which we have the pleasure to invite you through our new blog series: Opening Credits.

It is always a great moment when budding filmmakers make their first big production, and this time you get to be a part of it. These films have great potential. In previous years, students have had the opportunity to show their projects at impressive film festivals. One of these festivals is the Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF), very well known and respected amongst the Brussels film community, as well as internationally.

SAE Brussels is proud to discover, nurture, support, and encourage the creativity and inspiration, as well as the passion and vision, film students have for their craft. 'Thanks to our programme and the technical content, staff support, and personal development we offer our students throughout their time at SAE Brussels, our film students become knowledgeable in their field, and will be the ones responsible for making it evolve,' says the Head of Film Department at SAE Brussels. 

Virna Eliseo, the Director and Executive Producer of Refuge Saint Elisabeth, is a final year film student at SAE Brussels. She has always dreamt of bringing her two passions, photography and dance, together. 

"I hope it can take people on a trip, far away from their realities, even just for a moment." Virna Eliseo

Refuge Saint Elisabeth tells the story of three orphans: Red, Lemony, and Sky. The three children decide to escape from their orphanage one summer day, to go play outside. With the help of the other orphans, the story follows their adventure, as they try not to get caught by the guard.

The production style took inspiration from films with a specific style and atmosphere, for example, Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Matilda. As a silent movie, the film brings you back to times when sound in movies was not common. The imaginary world of Refuge Saint Elisabeth captures the attention of the audience via another form of artistry: dance. 

To bring the movie to life, Virna Eliseo is joined by Alexandra Kukoljac, Producer, and Alicia Kolesnikova, Chief Decorator.

The cast is composed of Simran Sihra, Arjun Singh Sihra, and Norah Van Den Bogaert.

We hope that you have enjoyed these opening credits. We feel the journey will be a wild ride, so hold onto your hats. Let’s travel together and discover the beautiful world that Virna Eliseo has created for Refuge Saint Elisabeth. 

To find out more about the film and help make it a reality, please don’t hesitate to visit the project’s fundraising page.

To see the film come to life, do not hesitate to follow the project’s Instagram account.

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