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Electronic Music Production

The next class starts in Septembre 2021
Registrations for the next intake are already open - Limited seats

SAE Brussels presents an innovative approach to music technology and electronic music production. A great number of talented producers have started their artistic and professional career with us. The Electronic Music Production Certificate allows you to develop the necessary know-how to create and produce professional electronic music.

By completing this course, a certificate is awarded by SAE Institute, which provides evidence of the knowledge and skills acquired.

Take those ideas and turn them into musical creations. Our hands-on, supervisors and lecturers supported course empowers you to turn production tools into an extension of your mind.
Our supervisors and lecturers will nurture your skills to produce the beats, sounds and structures, whatever your preferred music genre. You will learn about sound synthesis, DAWs, beats & breaks, FX, mastering, studio set up, arrangement & mixing and the many powerful production techniques and features of Logic Pro and Ableton Live.
Improve your production skills in live electronic music performance using Ableton Live & Logic Pro used by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Armin Van Buuren, Hot Chip, Daft Punk and countless DJs and producers around the world.
Why study at SAE Institute Brussels?
  • Free access to our professional studios and equipment
  • Creative hub with experienced lecturers and professionals
  • Support and guidance by our Audio Supervisors
  • Hands-on oriented to guide you through both technical and artistic aspects
  • 40 years of experience in creative media education




  • JANUARY (French & English)
  • MAY (French)
  • SEPTEMBER (French & English)




  • 8 MONTHS


Electronic Music Production - 1st Quarter

  • Electronic Music history
  • Sound Synthesis : Leads / Bass / Pads
  • Rhythms & Breaks 
  • DAWs (Ableton Live, Apple Logic)
  • Effects
  • Arrangement and Song Writing
  • Home studio: basic issues and solutions
  • Studio recording
  • Mastering Basics
  • Arrangement & Mixing
  • Remix

Software: Logic Pro, Ableton Live

Equipment : Roland AIRA Suite / Moog Little Phatty / Elektron: Analog Keys & Analog Rytm / Access: Virus TI Snow / Raven / Vocal Booth / Eastwest Orchestral Suite

Electronic Music Production - 2nd Quarter

Practice and advanced tools of musical production
  • MIDI protocol
  • Analog synthesis 
  • Mastering
  • Advanced sound synthesis 
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mixing
  • Sound design - Texture
  • Vocal production
Communication, promotion and visual identity 
  • Personal branding & Reputation
  • Strategy & promotion
  • Digital media
Accompaniment of the artistic & musical project
  • Studio Feedback
  • Mastering Feedback
  • Studio & Live Set up
Contrats & Legal Issues
  • Contracts - Labels
  • Copyright 


Software: Logic Pro, Ableton Live

Equipment: Roland AIRA Suite / Moog Little Phatty / Elektron: Analog Keys & Analog Rytm / Access: Virus TI Snow / Raven / Vocal Booth

The Electronic Music Production course has two educational levels:
Level 1: Basics (4 months)
Level 2: Advanced Level (Level 2 - 4 months).

Level 1 is a beginner’s level, requiring no previous experience and knowledge in music technology and production.

After completing Level 1, you can proceed to the Advanced Level.

Level 2 is an advanced level which fits perfectly the needs of electronic music producers who desire to develop even further their expertise and knowledge (e.g. EMP Level 1 graduates, Audio Production graduates, music producers with prior experience)

Certificat Electronic Music Production

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 or 17 years old with parental consent
  • Have a student visa (for international students)

If you already currently produce electronic music and have technical knowledge of sound, do not hesitate to send us an example of 3 productions you performed.

The EMP Program is conducted in French and English.

Fill in the short form to download your Information Pack:
SAE Digital Brochure / Registration Contract / Fees & Payment Plans


A complete enrolment application includes the following:

  • Enrolment contract duly filled in and signed
  • Registration fee of 200 €
  • Copy of I.D. or Passport
  • 1 photo I.D.
  • Copy of student visa (international student) 

Fill in the short form to download your Information Pack:
SAE Digital Brochure / Registration Contract / Fees & Payment Plans


Additional benefits as an SAE Institute Brussels Student

Every student of our institute is eligible, according to his personal status, to the following benefits:

  • Family allowances
  • Issue of documents related to unemployment benefits
  • Student card (student discounts with our partners)
  • School certificates
  • Opportunity to work on the side of his studies
  • Discount on Public Transport (if applicable)
Fees & Funding


Payment Plan 1

  • Registration Fee: € 200
  • Annual Payment: € 4.800
  • Total: € 5.000

Payment Plan 2

  • Registration Fee: € 200
  • Monthly Instalments: 8 x € 670
  • Total:  € 5.560

Fill in the short form to download your Information Pack:
SAE Digital Brochure / Registration Contract / Fees & Payment Plans


Electronic music has been constantly growing and evolving, becoming a major element of the entertainment sector. Having the knowledge and the skills to produce music with technology can allow you to get involved in numerous artistic or creative projects as a Music Producer, a Professional Remixer or an Electronic Music Live Performer.

Many students opt to further their studies in the field through the Audio Production degree to offer them more career opportunities as well as gain more production skills for the audio production industry.