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Drone Aerial Shooting Certificate

Course in French. Limited seats! Enrolments are already open!


The Certificate Drone Aerial Shooting is a unique training in Europe, in partnership with Espace Drone. 

During 96 hours of theoretical and practical courses, you will understand and assimilate the constraints, challenges, and realities of audiovisual production that the use of drone shooting is integrating. 

The purpose of the training is to master the aerial photography equipment and its use during filming, in complete safety. The principles and the practice of camera movements will be taught as well as the use of image processing software to integrate a workflow of production.

During the training, SAE Institute Brussels is offering you the opportunity to obtain a Class 2 flight certification, (success in DGTA examination is required). 

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to acquire skills in aerial shooting and audiovisual post-production as well as professionals aspiring to develop new techniques in the context of their profession.

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By completing this course, a certificate is awarded by SAE Institute, which provides evidence of the knowledge and skills acquired.

By completing the Certificate Drone Aerial Shooting, you will be able to:
  • Identify the roles and the responsibilities of the key members of the team
  • Operate safely 
  • Learn the good practices and the law in terms of drone operations
  • Make your own production
  • Learn theories about the practice of film production and post-production
  • Work in collaboration with a production team and an artistic team
  • Preparation for the piloting of a drone within the framework of a shooting
  • Learn how to transport, prepare and pilot a drone as part of the shooting
Why study at SAE Institute Brussels?
  • Free access to our professional studios and equipment
  • Creative hub with experienced lecturers and professionals
  • Support and guidance by our Film Supervisors
  • Hands-on oriented to guide you through both technical and artistic aspects
  • 40 years of experience in creative media education

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  • MAY 2019 
  • OCTOBER 2019




  • 6 MONTHS

Drone Aerial Shooting (6 months)

Module 1 - Image - SAE Institute Brussels
  • Digital photography and camera technology 
  • Equipment and security
  • Optics, photo and framing
  • Video and Camera Technology
  • Codecs and formats
  • Image narration
  • Image semiology notions
  • Cutting out notions
Module 2 - Flying - Espace Drone
  • Legal, technical and weather aspects
  • Piloting technique in pairs supervised by a certified DGTA instructor
  • Individual flight practice for final production preparation and shooting 
Module 3 – Aerial Shooting and Post-Production - SAE Institute Brussels
  • Image processing tools and practice
  • Media Encoder – Conformation
  • Adobe Première editing
  • Colorimetry
  • After Effect infographic
  • Camera movement and shooting​
  • Aerial shooting supervised by a certified Class 1 Chief Operator

Software: DJI GO, Premiere Pro, After Effects 
Equipment: Drone DJI Mavic Pro, HVX200, Canon 7D & 6D, Rigs

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 or 17 years old with parental consent
  • Have a student visa (for international students - for more info please check HERE!)

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Drone Aerial Shooting Certificate

A complete enrollment application includes the following:

  • Enrollment contract duly filled in and signed
  • Registration fee of 200 €
  • Copy of I.D. or Passport
  • 1 photo I.D.
  • Copy of student visa (international student, more information HERE!

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Additional benefits as an SAE Institute Brussels Student

Every student of our institute is eligible, according to his personal status, to the following benefits:

  • Family allowances
  • Issue of documents related to unemployment benefits
  • Student card (student discounts with our partners)
  • School certificates
  • Opportunity to work on the side of his studies
  • Discount on Public Transport 
Fees & Funding


The price of the program includes:

  • The practical and theoretical courses at the SAE Institute
  • Access to the Drone and equipment that will be needed for your training
  • Practical and theoretical courses at Espace Drone
  • Examiner Fees for a Class 2 Exam presentation
  • The drone rental for the Class 2 Exam

Payment Plan 1

  • Registration fee: € 200
  • Annual Payment: € 2.850
  • Total: € 3.050

Payment Plan 2

  • Registration fee: € 200
  • Monthly Payments: 6 x € 493
  • Total: € 3.158

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  • Photo/Video Aerial Operator
  • Documentary /Broadcasting producer
  • Web video content creator
  • Video Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • All jobs attached to Aerial Shooting

Drone Aerial Shooting Certificate