Remix contest for up-and-coming pop star Gutlauniger presented by the SAE flagship campus and Stefan Redelsteiner, the man who discovered Wanda

06 Nov 2018

A remix contest for up-and-coming pop star Gutlauninger presented by the SAE flagship campus and Stefan Redelsteiner

Students at the SAE Vienna are invited until 30 November to help work on shooting star Gutlauniger's song "Was Neues". The winner of the remix competition will have their remix released in 2019.

Vienna, 6 November 2018---Stefan Redelsteiner (the music manager who discovered Wanda), SAE Campus Manager Christian Ruff and Viennese music shooting star Gutlauninger officially invited SAE students to participate in a remix competition of Gutlauninger's song "Was Neues". At the presentation Gutlauninger said: "Not only fame and recognition await the winner of the competition. The winning remix will also appear on my upcoming singles release which will come out next year and which will be heard by a large audience".

Exclusively for Students at the SAE Vienna

All students at the SAE Vienna's flagship campus have until 30 November 2018 to participate in the contest to remix Gutlauninger's latest hit. Christian Ruff says he is pleased about the internal campus contest, adding: "This gives SAE students a wonderful opportunity to prove their talents in our new studios and to have a chance at having their remix professionally released". 

The winner will be decided by a jury made up of Gutlauninger himself, music manager Stefan Redelsteiner, SAE Campus Manager Christian Ruff and SAE audio lead instructor Jan Lukat. The winner will be announced at the beginning of December. 

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Photo credit: © Peter Draxl 

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