Audio Engineering

Sound, music and audio is your everything? We have the right education for you. Our award-winning lecturers, who have been facilitating careers in the music industry since 1976, design industry-oriented lessons and support you with practical projects.


Electronic Music Production (Online)


It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it – and professionals know the difference.

Do you have some experience with electronic music production and audio software? Are you interested in Ableton Live and do you want to dive further into the creative and technical aspects of the field?

Then our EMP online short course is just right for you!



You will explore the creative and technical aspects of electronic music production in Ableton Live 10.

Our seminars cover a wide range of areas from arranging, mixing and mastering to publishing your own music.


The weekly Zoom live seminars delve deep into professional details, but do not follow a rigid schedule. This ensures that there is enough time to answer all of your questions. Shared sessions provide creative input and fuel exciting debates about workflows, current trends and the dos & don'ts of electronic music production. During the course, you will also be asked to complete various exams and tasks, on which you will receive feedback from us.


In addition to the professional training during lectures, we offer group feedback seminars, where a lecturer will answer individual questions about your productions.


Meet people who love music as much as you.


The online short course ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION is aimed at

Producers & DJ Newcomers
with an interest in qualitative sound design, who want to get more out of their productions.

Creative Minds
looking for the right setup? Ableton Live opens up a new, versatile and modular world for your projects.

Music Enthusiasts
who want to enhance their appreciation of music, close gaps in their knowledge and develop their  professional skills.


6 weeks
12 x 3 hours of online seminars
1-2 seminars per week


Start in the week beginning 21/06/2021. Classes Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm.


Courses can be booked at the SAE Institute Vienna.

Class size:

This course is limited to a max of 20 students.


€990 course fee must be paid in advance
  • Ableton Live Basics 1 UE
  • Ableton Tools & Arrangement Basics 1 UE
  • Audio & Midi Editing 1 UE
  • Synthesis Basics 1 UE
  • EQing & Compression Basics 1 UE
  • FX & SFX 1 UE
  • Sidechaining & Tuning 1 UE
  • Mixdown 1 UE
  • Mastering & Metering 1 UE
  • Releasing & Publishing 1UE
Entry Requirements
  • 16 years or older
  • Computer (PC or Mac)
  • Headphones or speakers
  • Internet connection (classes via Zoom)
  • Free demo license from
Fees & Funding

Our lecturers are at the heart of the EMP course. Pascal Obermayer from Vienna and Christoph Mertsch from Berlin both have years of experience as audio engineers and producers in the music industry and will share their knowledge with you in their live seminars.

No pre-produced videos, but direct contact with our lecturers! Our online classes and feedback seminars give you the opportunity to ask questions!


Pascal Obermayer

Pascal runs his own studio specializing in mixing and mastering. A self-employed sound engineer and producer, he produces music ranging from drum’n’bass to electronic pop music, and has a broad knowledge of various music genres and production techniques.


Christoph Mertsch

Chris produces hip hop and house music, but also works in many other genres in his Berlin studio. His project Apollo Twins reaches well over 100,000 listeners a month on Spotify & Co.