SAE Institute Wien - Webinar - Female Filmmakers

12 Mai 2021
18:30 bis 20:00
12 Mai

Take a look at film history along the names of female filmmakers with Anna Babos and Sebastian Bobik.

When one is learning about film history it is not unusual to come across predominantly male filmmakers. But there has always been female filmmakers, who have created extraordinary films (and they will always exist). This seminar wants to look at film history through this lens: a short film history along the names of female filmmakers. There are many women directors and we can’t begin to imagine introducing them all. Instead, we will offer some that are important to us and why they are.

Anna Babos is a critic and programmer. She completed her Liberal Arts degree in 2019 specialising in film theory and film history. She was working for the Hungarian National Film Archive and published essays in several journals. Currently she is studying at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola.

Sebastian Bobik is a filmmaker and teacher. He studied at SAE Wien and "Schule Friedl Kubelka für unabhängigen Film". His films have played at various international festivals. At SAE Wien he teaches scriptwriting & dramaturgy. He lives in Vienna.

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