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Audio Production

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Whether you want to work in music production, post production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, game sound or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, the Audio Production Course gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed for a successful career.

SAE’s hands-on ethos ensures you are given access to our world-class studio facilities and latest software, supported by one-to-one supervision. This enables you to bring theory and practice together with your creativity in a variety of settings to advance your skills to a professional level, developing a competitive edge as you complete your studies.

Constant advances in commercial technology drive this area forward, creating a need for skilled music producers who can understand these technical needs and be able to apply them for commercial gain.

Your Tutors

Bruce Gibb
Head of Audio Department and a long track record as main lecturer at SAE Institute. Bruce Gibb has 20 years experience in teaching audio to students. Having completed SAE in 1995 he worked as a freelance live sound engineers for several years before stating to teach at SAE. He still combines his love of live sound with post production work as well as teaching the next generation of professional audio engineers. 
Frank De Jong
Starting his audio engineering career 10 years ago, Frank is known for his fierce determination to achieve the right sounding result in any sound project. Through the years he has had experience working in several studios ranging from small vocal production to full range top of the line music production studios. Specializing in the arts of recording and mastering engineering he has gained a very broad skill-set within the audio industry that led to positions such as senior lecturer at the SAE institute, chief engineer at Red Bull Studios and Head engineer at the new HAL5 Studio. These skills are however not confined to the studio as Frank can often be found outside doing field recording and sound design for films, games or sound libraries.
Hens Zimmerman
Hens Zimmerman (1967) studied sound at the Dutch film school and at SAE Amsterdam. He is now a much sought after post production mixer and sound designer for television and internet programs. Besides his duties as freelance teacher at SAE, he also produces music and creates software.
Erwin Palper
Erwin Palper is a music lover, electronics nerd, teacher and producer. As a teacher, his goal is to inspire and get his students to think instead of follow. As an engineer, he has designed numerous analog audio devices for all kinds of clients. As a studio producer, he has won the “Best Dutch Blues Album” award three years in a row for his work with critically acclaimed blues duo The Damned And Dirty. In October, he accompanied the duo on drums for their latest single, which was released in Paradiso Amsterdam.
Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke is a DJ with an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul. Technologically, he’s an early adopter with the studio to prove it, but he also embraces sounds outside the staunch electronic dance remit, from Nick Cave to Savages to old favourites Bauhaus. Such music informs his attitude as, using Serato on a 13” Macbook Pro Retina for his ruthlessly effective, fat-free club sets, he pushes the worldwide boundaries of what techno and electro can be. After a break , recent years have seen him make his presence as a producer felt again, working with Dutch partner Mr Jones (Jonas Uittenbosch) as _Unsubscribe_ and dropping remixes ranging from John Foxx’s seminal synth-pop gem ‘Underpass’ to Gesaffelstein, Detroit Grand Pubas and Octave One. Not a week passes when he doesn’t live up to his nickname, the Baron of Techno, a moniker given him by the late, great BBC Radio DJ John Peel.

Interview Masterclass Jacob Hellner (Rammstein Producer)

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What You'll Learn:

Principles of Sound and Audio Practice

Sound Recording & Sound Design

Audio Production

Multimedia Sound

Avid S6 | Audient ASP8024 | SSL 6032E | HDX Pro Tools | UAD-2 Octo Core

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