Take 5 with Audio Production graduate Ricky Damian

10 Apr 2017

Here at SAE, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about the amazing success stories of our former students.

So it’s with great pride that we share our latest alumni video with Grammy award-winner Ricky Damian.

The film produced by SAE graduates Rohum Pourtahmasbi, Patrick Singer and Anne Marie Rützou Bruntse follows Ricky’s rapid rise to music industry success, traversing from student to full-time sound engineer for Mark Ronson in less than a year.

Cameraman Rohum Pourtahmasbi said he enjoyed meeting and shooting Ricky, who mixed the smash hit Uptown Funk that dominated the Billboard Hot 100 list. Holding the Number 1 spot for 13 weeks, the song became one of the longest-leading singles in the charts entire history.

“The best part about the shoot was meeting Ricky who, until that day, I had never met before,” Rohum told SAE.

“It was extremely insightful to learn about his work and the fact he has come as far as he has after finishing graduating so soon is nothing less than inspiring.”

Sound recordist Patrick Singer had a similar experience and enjoyed touring Mark Ronson’s studio.

“It was fun for me as an ex-audio student to see the inside of a fancy studio with lots of very nice gadgets and a vast collection of incredible instruments,”

Aside from his work with Mark Ronson, Ricky has also recorded with Adele, Lady Gaga, MUSE and Liam Gallagher from Oasis.

Stay tuned for more inspirational videos with SAE alumni.