SAE Liverpool welcomes twin brothers

04 Oct 2017

SAE Liverpool welcomed its first year creative media students last month, two of which were twin brothers Ethan (BA/BSc (Hons) Digital Film Production) and Dylan (BA/BSc (Hons) Game Art Animation) O'Dowd who took some time to speak to us about their creative inspiration. 

1. Tell us about yourself, what did you study at sixth form/college and what made you choose the degree programme you are on?

Ethan: In sixth form, I studied Art and Design, Product Design and Media Studies. I have always had an interest in Film Production including editing my own projects. Yet, in my own time, I do photography or paint occasionally.

Dylan: During sixth form I studied Art and Design. I chose to study the Game Art Animation course because I have always been passionate about art and illustration, often painting whenever I could. This course enables me to bring my skills and hobbies into my studies and create something with it.

2. What made you choose SAE Liverpool to pursue a creative career?

Ethan: SAE were a part of my life before I began my studies. I knew who they were and who Graham was when I was around 14 years old when they were at my school’s career fair.

Dylan: I chose SAE Liverpool as it has a very relaxed and chilled environment which suited how I like to study and with having a small campus and class sizes, it is easy to ask for help or advice whenever it is needed.

3. What are you enjoying the most on your degree programme?

Ethan: What I am enjoying most about my degree programme is the practical sessions we have been conducting, such as setting up the lighting and the dolly track.

Dylan: On my degree programme, we have been studying the 2D fundamentals in animation. I have enjoyed being able to express my ideas through a wide range of perspectives while enhancing my drawing skills.

4. What artists in your chosen field inspire you?

Ethan: Director James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring) is who I look up to in the film industry.

Dylan: The artist Ian Murphy opened up my interest in drawing architecture and landscapes while I studied his sketchbook work from his trips to places such as Venice and China. Instagram artist Brayden Barret’s work inspires and fascinates me with ideas to create environments.

5. What are your plans after graduation?

Ethan: After graduation, I hope to be direct or edit my own horror and/or thriller movies or TV shows.

Dylan: After Graduation, I am interested in pursuing a career as an environment artist.

We wish the brothers the best of luck in their studies and careers.