SAE graduates work on major Hollywood film

26 Apr 2017

It’s a tale as old as time; a fable every Disney-lover could only dream of being a part of. And for two SAE graduates, joining the crew of the new Beauty and the Beast’s remake ain’t just a fantasy.

Billy Butler (BA in Animation and Visual Effects) and Peter Hanson (BA in Audio Production) helped bring glorious life to a group of household objects in the lavish retelling of the Oscar-winning classic. The duo lending their skills as Modeller and ADR Mixer, respectively.   

It’s not the first time the ex-students have worked their magic on major blockbusters. In 2014, Butler won a BAFTA for his artistry in the hybrid film Gravity, while Hanson has just wrapped up work on Baby Driver - another highly-anticipated film for 2017.

SAE Animation lecturer Aidan Coughlan, who was taught by the original creators of Beauty and the Beast, believes success in the industry comes from perseverance and diligence.

“Becoming a top-notch animator takes a lot of work and effort. Going to college and taking notes in not enough by a long shot. That is why we really push practical work here at SAE. This is true for any discipline within the industry.”

The lecturer added SAE’s current curricular is highly relevant for those who love the old-school classics and want to cast a new spell over the next generation of film fans.

“We are ensuring that techniques and thought processes from the integral traditional pioneers of the industry are brought into the new era of 3D animation.”

There are currently 17 live-action remakes Disney has in the works at the moment, including Reese Witherspoon taking on Neverland’s Tink and Emma Stone confirming she’ll be playing Cruella de Vil in the 101 Dalmations spinoff.