SAE graduate premieres new film at Liverpool FACT

01 Aug 2017

 An SAE Liverpool graduate has just wrapped up filming his latest film with Ricky Tomlinson, titled Tellin’ Dad.  

Alumnus André Chambers was approached by writer Carl Loughlin to direct the short film, which premiered at Liverpool FACT last week. The locally shot film documents a young man’s journey of coming out to his father, and ends with a surprising twist.  

André told SAE:

“Carl had heard of me while I was studying at SAE and he travelled from Liverpool to Leeds to discuss the film and its future plans. Immediately I was on board because the anxiety Dan (the protagonist) felt about coming out to his father is something I can relate to. And then when I found out Ricky Tomlinson was starring in it, I was extra determined to make this the best possible film with the limited budget we had.”

While running his own independent film company Kiiótofilm, André also works at an international sports streaming company.

“I’ve recently just got a new job for Perform Media at DAZN. I was over the moon when I found out, because it combines two of my great loves - video production and sports.”

“I’m also currently in post production for another short film I directed called ‘Nam’, which is a story about four US army soldiers lost in a forest during the Vietnam War.”

André  hopes to one day release his first feature film, which he is in the process of writing.

When The Birds Sing is a coming of age film; a story of interracial LGBT love, friendships and betrayal depicted in a non linear format. This one I'm really excited about and I can’t wait to get started on it.”

Screenings of Tellin’ Dad will feature at Manchester and Bolton Pride. A DVD release is planned for November.