SAE EXTRA: Production Art and Animation in Games Workshop with Robert Ramsay

28 Jun 2017
18:00 to 20:00
28 Jun

SAE Institute is delighted to invite you to workshop with Robert Ramsey. The event will provide a brief overview about getting into the games industry. Robert will also demo some of the best tools to animate game characters and props.

Workshops includes:

Intro – About Robert and how he got into the games industry

Demo 1 – Sculpting a character in Zbrush from concept or reference

Demo 2 – Retopology, UV and texture baking Normal Maps

Demo 3 – Rigging, Animating using Maya LT and exporting for Unity

Outro – Questions and Answers

This workshop is dedicated to digital artists particularly interested in working in games, movies and advertising. 

More about Robert

Robert is a leading Game Artist who quit his tiling company five years ago to pursue his dream career in Game asset creation and animation.

Robert first started out at a company called Boss Level based in London, where he built up his skills in rigging, animation, modelling, sculpting, concept art and texturing. He’s currently working for several VR start-up companies including Psytec Games, WeEvolve, Semaeopus, Glitchers as well as developing apps and assets for online marketplaces. 

Find out more about Robert’s projects:


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