SAE EXTRA: Guest Talk with Jess Hider from Epic Games / Unreal Engine

24 May 2017
17:30 to 19:00
24 May

You've spent years developing and improving your skills and soon it'll be time to step out of university and into industry, but how do you represent yourself as a professional? In this talk, Jess will share advice for getting experience, representing yourself online, and networking, so you'll feel ready to take that step into the games industry.


About Jess

With a background in art and animation, Jess has worked on games such as the Mario Mashup Pack for Minecraft Wii U and award winning mobile game Seek: Find Your Friends. Now at Epic Games, she works with developers across Europe using Unreal Engine to help nurture, support and promote their projects and studios.

Alongside her work at Epic Games, Jess encourages young people into the games industry through talks and workshops as a STEM and Ukie Video Games Ambassador, writes up tutorials for artists using Unreal Engine, is an active member of BAFTA Crew, and will be a mentor to teams at this year’s upcoming Dare Academy.

When not engrossed in making or playing games, Jess is either baking nerdy cakes or out roaming in the Highlands of Scotland.


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