SAE EXTRA - Guest Talk with Drone Filmmaker Matthew Harmsworth

27 Jun 2017
17:15 to 19:00
27 Jun

Drone Aerial Filming - From The Western Isles to Robots in Disguise. Guest Talk with Matthew Harmsworth CEO ROAVR-Group

Matthew will take you on an aviation journey from the conception of drones to the widespread adoption across the television, film and media industries. Matthew will talk about his personal journey, legislation, training, opportunities and operations. If you want to know how to incorporate drone aerial imagery into your project then you should attend this talk. Matt has been operating small unmanned aircraft commercially since 2013 and is one of the stalwarts of the industry.

Matthew spent ten years as a tree surgeon before selling his business and stepping sideways into consultancy. He took the opportunity to incorporate SUAS into the consultancy as early as 2009 before full integration in 2013 with the founding of ROAVR in the Scottish Highlands.

Matthew has worked across the UAS industry as both an operator, ground school instructor, flight assessor and consultant. Within ROAVR Matthew has carried out operations as diverse as oil rig inspection to features films. Matthew has a solid interest in aviation and flies light aircraft whenever possible. He is passionate about SUAS, good quality training and standards and safety. Matthew has sat on the committee of the trade association ARPAS-UK for two years and is currently the Vice-Chairman. Matthew’s latest film achievement was operating as the first unit drone aerial co-ordinator on the Michael Bay film ‘Transformers - The last Knight’ due for release this June.


More about Matt and his projects: