SAE Extra - Drones - the myths and the facts by Eddie Allison

10 Jun 2017
12:00 to 13:30
10 Jun

This workshop is designed to show guests the path to safe, legal flying of drones with a practical flight demo (weather permitting). Moreover, information on the rules and regulations to follow when flying a drone either privately or commercially will be provided. Eddie will also present you the type of jobs drones are ideally suited for.

The guest talk will conclude with practical activity - a flight (or flights if time and weather allows) to enable attendees to operate the camera whist the drone is in the air and learn the types of shots possible.

About Eddie

Eddie has 38 years in the aviation and aerospace industry. Currently Head of Aviation for Orbital Access, his duties include obtaining and converting aircraft for the horizontal launch service for small satellite payloads. Eddie has owned a licensed drone company for two years and provides aerial video and stills for a wide range of clients including broadcast companies, commercial businesses, weddings and charity events.