SAE Extra: Crowdfunding - How can I increase my chances of a successful campaign?

13 Nov 2017
17:15 to 19:00
13 Nov

SAE Oxford is delighted to invite you to a guest talk with Louise Salter. After successfully raising 121% of original target amount of £10,000, Louise will share her own experience and learnings to help those curious about the necessary behind-the-scenes work involved in increasing the chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

About the guest talk

£10,000 seemed like an impossibly high amount of money to raise on a first crowdfunding campaign but in 30 days, through 213 donations, our project raised £12,080 (121% of the target) – with people donating all the way up until the last minute.

Statistics show that you are more likely to have a successful crowdfunding campaign with certain elements in place. Through this guest talk Louise will divulge the most valuable advice and learnings that she experienced whilst crowdfunding for her film How to be Human.

By the end of her session, Louises' aim is for you to gain clarity around crowdfunding, with the following questions being answers amongst the discussion: Why crowd-fund? Which platform should I use? Should I prepare for a crowdfunding campaign? What rewards are sensible to offer? What’s the importance of engaging the audience? How can I engage people so they fund my film?

Despite her campaign’s success, there were a number of behind-the-scenes challenges which she faced. By sharing her own experience, Louise hopes to inspire you to consider the preparation and work involved so that you increase your own chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

About Louise

Louise is an actress who produces to generate more female-driven narratives.

In 2014, Louise was the recipient of the 99% Award at the Rob Knox Film Festival, for being the individual who most raised the profile of young people through film. Since then she
has worked with a number of company’s as producer including EMMY-nominated production company Pinch Media, on award-winning documentaries, features and festival-popular short films.

Louise is currently working to produce her first feature film adaption of her festival popular proof-of-concept film “How to be Human”. 


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