Mike Hill
Audio Lecturer
BA Hons Audio Production SAE Oxford
PGcert HE - Middlesex University
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Please tell us about your background in Audio and what route you took to get where you are today

I played in a number of rock/punk bands in my teens then was working as a live sound engineer for Migus Audio for three years. I then went on to study Audio Production at SAE Oxford during which time I was in a production duo named Vexed. We had a track released on a Bowie covers album alongside artists such as Kissy Sell Out. After completing my degree at SAE I worked for PMC speakers in Luton. Here I assembled, repaired and tested loudspeakers. I then started a commercial recording facility called Studio Focus Recording, which is still open today. Here I have recorded and mixed a huge number of EPs, albums, commercials, audio therapy sessions etc. A number of mixes have been broadcast on BBC Radio 1, Kerrang Radio etc. along with literally millions of online plays.

What excites you about passing on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation?

SAE students come from a huge number of musical backgrounds, some students are grade 8 musicians with a fresh interest in engineering/production whilst others have no musical training at all, yet have a thorough understanding of the technology. This melting pot of different experience naturally creates unique collaborations between students that otherwise would never have happened. Witnessing and enhancing these collaborations is the most exciting part of the job for me.

Why should students choose SAE to further their careers in Audio?

SAE offers an Audio course that has worked for so many of our graduates, this is due to the tried and tested academic course structure, industry standard studio facilities and a lot because of the like-minded students working so well together.

Which musicians/producers inspire you and why?

Currently, my favourite producer is Rich Costey. He has a prolific output of multiple genres of which he is always able to stamp his watermark on. As far as I’m concerned he gets the balance of keeping it organic whilst creating additional depth through tasteful production.

What is the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your career?

Shaking hands with Example in Maida Vale studio 3 – or ‘Elliot’ as he introduced himself to me.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one album to keep you sane, what would it be?

Way too hard.

Projects you have worked on outside of SAE and any publications:

Recorded, produced & mixed ISLAND’s ‘Waves’ (2016) as played on BBC Radio 1
Produced & Mixed ISLAND’s ‘Spotless Mind’ (2016) as played on BBC Radio 1
Produced & Mixed ISLAND’s ‘Come With Me’ (2016) as played on BBC Radio 1
Recorded and mixed drums for promotional material by Roland and Future Music Publishing, with professional drummers Craig Blundell, Ryan Jenkinson (Reverend and the Makers) and Jason Bowld (Bullet for my Valentine, Pitchshifter)
Recorded vocals for track featured on Universal's 2013 feature film 'Kick-Ass 2'
Co-produced 'Hallo Spaceboy' for 'David Bowie - Covers'
Drum tech for Flux Pavillion ft. Example session at BBC Maida Vale studios and many more.