Music Marketing: What Works and How to Optimise Opportunity

20 Sep 2017
17:30 to 20:30
20 Sep

SAE Institute is delighted to invite you to guest talk with Christina E. Holding. A few key insights can help bring some clarity to some of the basics that plague artists today. Navigating the industry waters can be daunting, but it's where the rubber hits the road and where sustainability for your art and marketability intersect. We’ll talk about how to make sense of it all and stay authentically you by diving into a number of topics at this talk including:

Networking for Musicians: Is there a best way to do it? Label or no label?

Social Media & Content: Why staying platform agnostic is important. What, how and when to share? How do fans engage and connect with artists? How many album sales were generated through clicks from your mailing list this week and how does that compare to the week previous? Which sources to your website are leading to the most store clicks for merch, etc.?

Mobile: It's key to effectively reaching your local and global audience - the fans you know and the ones you don't. What role does video play in driving mobile consumption?

Branding: Artists with a solid grasp on their branding has a huge advantage over artists that don’t. Your fans are out there, branding helps them find you.

Insights & Analytics: What's the big deal with all this data? How does data help predict which artist videos are on the verge of breaking? How can artists use this to form valuable partnerships with brands?   

Conferences & Festivals: Which ones are key? Can one lead to another?

Touring & Live Events: It's the intersection of fan discovery and consumption - giving you, the artist, the resources you need to do what you love.

Passive & Active Money Makers: There are strategies that can help you create income while you’re making your art.

VR & AR: Opportunities to explore.

About Christina

Christina Holding is dedicated to helping artists and brands advocate, engage fans and express their unique identity through authentic storytelling and live experiences. Previously a Marketing Director at SonyBMG New Media, Christina developed campaigns for artists in all genres on labels from Arista, Artist Direct, Columbia, Epic, J, Jive and many others.

During her tenure at the Seattle/SF SonyBMG offices, Christina won various industry awards and was instrumental in breaking artists like  Dido, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Avril Lavigne, Libertines, Maroon 5, MGMT, Pink, Tegan & Sara, The Strokes, Adele and many more.