Extraordinary work goes on display at SAE’s Winter Showcase

13 Dec 2016

Students hoping to follow in the footsteps of SAE’s Oscar, Grammy and Bafta-winning alumni, have affirmed the Institute as an incubator for creative talent over the weekend.

Around 30 students across Audio, Animation and Film disciplines exhibited their portfolios at the Winter Showcase, organised by second year Music Business students Jamie Stephenson, Natalie Scott and Daniele Maretto.  

“We’d been working on this event for three months, contacting venue managers, entertainers, local catering, industry, as well as putting all our knowledge and skills into the Winter Showcase,” stated Daniele Maretto who has been studying live events this trimester.

“I’m really happy, I think it’s been a major success.”

Among those exhibiting portfolios was talented first-year film student Shannon O’Brien.

“I was excited to showcase my visual narrative film, basically a film with no dialogue. It’s in the style of British New Wave so it explores a lot of taboo themes of the time and old vintage fashion,” said Ms O’Brien.

“I was very nervous as it was my first showcase, but it was a great experience. I’d like to be a screenwriter for the film or television production industry, so it’s exciting to get experience like this,” she added.

Ms O’Brien was joined by first-year Audio Production student Cornelius Vernon-Boase, who also hopes to pursue a career in the creative industries.

“I showcased a recording project with an Oxford singer and songwriter called Theo. A substantial amount of work has gone into this project. I think I’ve been working on it since the middle of September. Ideally I’d like to be a studio engineer, so hopefully people thought it was decent,” said Mr Vernon-Boase.

SAE would like to congratulate all students who took part in the 2016 Winter Showcase.