BERLIN - Meet the "Tegeler Audio Manufaktur"

17 Nov 2017
17:00 bis 19:00
Meet the "Tegeler Audio Manufaktur"
17 Nov

To find the right settings for a compressor in the mix or in the master process is still one of the most difficult challenges as an emergent audio engineer. How to get a loud mix without squeezing the signal? How can I find the right compressor, if I have to choose between all the different types of compressors?


Michael Kursch, CEO of the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, will explain in this workshop how to compress and to choose between different compressor types. Furthermore he’ll show the possibilities of the Schwerkraftmaschine and the brainchild behind the combination a digital workflow with a real analogue sound. Is it possible to work as fast and recallable like you work digital and still get the sound of the past with the huge tube console of famous studios? He’ll share his experience as an engineer as well as a manufacturer of studio gear.


Place: SAE Institute Berlin
Date: Friday 17th of November 2017
Time: 17:00 hours
Language: English

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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur:

The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH was founded in 2005 by Michael Krusch. Tegeler Audio Manufaktur is one of the leading audio hardware companies that offers the combination and integration of real analogue sound, which is digital controlled.