Meet the Professionals with Indie Advisor André Bernhardt

17 Aug 2017
19:00 bis 21:00
Meet the Professionals with Indie Advisor André Bernhardt
17 Aug

The Indie Advisor André Bernhardt is coming to SAE Berlin!

André is going to tell us about the gaming business from an indie developer perspective. Profound background information from an absolute expert and insider.

„Status Quo of the Indiepocalypse“ – facts and figures as well as challenges and threats for the indie community and aspiring indie developers"

Come and learn how to start, manage and develop your business. Current market numbers, how to pitch a project, how much money does it need and where to find that money.

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Language: English


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André Bernhardt is extensively experienced within the video games business as he has been a part of the German games industry for 18 years - online as well as offline and mobile. In the beginning of his career, he was a producer for classical boxed console and PC-games business with the release of the Playstation 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment. Afterwards, he was working for German publishers, e.g JoWood and Sunflowers, before joining RTL Games and focused on "next-gen" console publishing (PS3, X360, Wii, DS, etc.). In 2009 he joined Travian Games in Munich. Since 2012 he has been working as a freelance agent called IndieAdvisor, supporting developers to find a publisher and vice versa. Furthermore a frequent speaker and recognised expert at international conferences.